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Go through many obstacles with different space sizing.

Do you have what it takes to pass through the hardest obstacles?

Play to find out!!

Instructions: Hold the UP button to make the block fly up.


Jump over the many obstacles with the orange circle.

Don't touch any of the squares!!

Instructions: Press the SPACE BAR or

UP arrow to make your circle jump.


Try to get rid of all the green blocks.

Make sure your orange circle does not fall

or else you lose a life!

Instructions: Use the TOUCHPAD or

LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move paddle.


Play as the quickest green block.

Increase your score by touching the red blocks.

Make sure not to touch the sides, your score will restart!

Instructions: Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrows to move.


Think you have a good memory?

Test your memory with this game.

Instructions: Click on any card and try

to find another matching card.


Tired of looking at documents?

Look no more!!!

The most interesting and unusual visual.

Instructions: Stare into the expanding blob

and get lost into it.