The KMGLS Bot helps to fulfill the needs of those with health issues. Our projects idea consists of an Arduino bot that has different features with different health purposes. Our target audience is anyone who needs a robotic friend to help them with their daily needs of taking medication, relaxing when restless, and contacting medical assistance.

The process was a lot of planning and researching about Arduino robots to see what we can do and if we are able to do it on time. The process required lots of communication and patience. Programming the features of the robot and constructing the hardware of our project require a lot of determination. We had to decide which features we wanted on our robot, and have an idea of what we wanted the website to look like at the same time. We sketched out plans for the robot and how it would work and we designed the layout of the website on google slides.

Some challenges we faced while doing this project was determining how each of the features work and how to code it. Since this is our first time working with Arduino robots, we didn’t know how and what each of the components do and what we can do with it. An obstacle that occurred in the process of building the KMGLS was learning how all the components we got would work as one. It took time to get all of the components needed for the project because we wanted to make sure that we had all the items that were important. We didn’t want to waste any money by getting expensive tools.