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Our Mission

We are working towards bringing awareness to animals that are getting closer to extinction with every passing day. These animals are crucial to their environment and the surrounding life. We hope to inform those reading of the importance of these animals and how severe this situation is.


    • -Native to the Primorye region of southeastern Russia and the Jilin Province of northeast China.

    • -As of 2015, fewer than 60 individuals were estimated to survive in Russia and China.

    • -In 2007, only 19 to 26 wild Amur leopards were estimated to survive.

    • -Cause of endangered animal:due to hunting, trapping and poisoning by farmers, habitat loss, decline in prey population.

    • -Red List "Critically Endangered"

    • -Worlds most rare Marine mammal edge of extinction

    • -Often caught & drowned in gillnets used by illegal fishing

    • -Usually found close to shore in the gulfs shallows waters

    • -About 30 individuals left

    • -Can possibly be extinct by 2018 by the cause of fishery by catch

    • -Nearly 1 out 5 vaquitas get entangled and drown in gillnets intended for other marine species like the totoaba

    • -90% decline of vaquita population

    • -Caue of endangered animal:the use of gill-nets in the vaquita habitat and by-catch.

    • -Critically Endangered"Red List"

    • -Agriculture,plantations and infrastructure saola being squeezed into smaller spaces

    • -Pressure from rapid and large-scale in has structure in region fragments saola habitat

    • -Allowing easy access to once untouched forest saola

    • -World's rarest large mammals

    • -Population:Unknown

    • -Cause of endangered animal:hunting, specifically commercial poaching

    • -Critically Endangered "Red List"

    • -Population:58-68

    • -Javan Rhinos are in the top 5 most threatened species for Rhinos

    • -Extinction due to:natural catastrophes,habitat loss,diseases, poaching and major explosions

    • -These Rhinos were once located in Northeast india and southeast Asia

    • -Cause of endangered animal: people hunt them for their horns because it is very strong and is good for decorations as well as the eruption of Krakatau Volcano in Indonesia.

    • -Critically Endangered "Red List"

    • -Poaching for their tusks

    • -About 2,400-2,800 Sumatran Elephants Left

    • -70% of the Sumatran Elephant habitat has been destroyed in 1 generation

    • -Sumatra has experienced one of the highest rates of deforestation

    • -In 2012 the Sumatra Elephant went from"endangered to "critically endangered"

    • -Cause of endangered animal: mainly because habitat loss.

    • -Critically Endangered:"Red list"

    • -Most Endangered of the African apes

    • -Drastic deforestation and fragmentation of land

    • -Ability to lack on adapting to new environment

    • -Habitat loss and hunting by humans for their meat

    • -Most endangered out of 25 in the planet

    • -Cause of endangered animal:because of deforestation and the bush-meat trade.

    • -Critically Endangered:"Red List"

    • -Population:250-340

    • -Road Development pose big threats to malayan tiger habitats

    • -Conflict with poaching

    • -Cause of endangered animal:destruction of their natural habitat, and hunting for their fur and other body parts

    • -Critically Endangered:"Red List"

    • -Sumatran tigers are the smallest surviving tiger subspecies

    • -Population:400

    • -78% estimated sumatran tiger deaths

    • -Poaching for trade is a big problem for the sumatra tiger deaths

    • -Cause of endangered animal:the destruction of its habitat and poaching.

    • -Critically Endangered

    • -The most critically endangered in the iucn red list

    • -On the way to extinction for its skin

    • -Estimated 250 to 1500 left in the wild

    • -Illegally hunted for their meat and teeth

    • -One of the largest crocodiles

    • -Cause of endangered animal:due to excessive hunting for its hide.

    • -Critically Endangered"Red List"

    • -In 2015 there was estimated 96-108

    • -Often killed for their"own safety"

    • -With the help of the council of China, alligator habitat has been restored and protected. Most remaining wild individuals live in the 433 km2 (167 sq mi) Anhui Chinese Alligator Nature Reserve.

    • -Cause of endangered animal: One main reason is because of habitat pollution and reduction, as their distribution areas are turned into rice paddies. Poaching is also a concern because in traditional Chinese medicine the meat is considered to be a cure for the cold and to prevent cancer.

Why it Matters

It is so important for us to protect species for many reasons. For example, healthy ecosystems depend on plant and animal species as their foundations so removing one species alters the food chain drastically. Humans also depend on ecosystems for resources such as food, air purification, and much more.

Learn more here or watch the TED talk below!

How You can help!

There are many great animal protection organizations out there, here are five you can donate to today!

IFAW:International Fund for Animal Welfare

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Save the Manatee Club

Defenders of Wildlife


You can also help in your community by teaching others about the imporatance of animals to our ecosystems, reducing your trash and carbon footprint, and reporting any harassment or shooting of endangered species. Learn more here!

Malayan Tiger Game!

Use the up and down arrows to allow the Malayan Tiger to hunt for meat. The object of the game is to collect as many pieces of meat as you can to feed the endangered animal. Good luck!


Who We Are!

Hi! We are Caedi, Narges, Estephanie, and Catherine from 2018 Girls Who Code! We decided to create this website to raise awareness for endangered species

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